Joint Stock Company Bangladesh

The Joint Stock Company  Bangladesh is widely known as RJSC only legal authority of company registration into the country. Basically large businesses are forming to a limited company there two or more entrepreneurs operating the business activities.

Limited Company is the largest business entity in Bangladesh. Generally, two or more entrepreneurs are joining together and open a business platform by forming a Limited Company in the country. Continue reading ‘Joint Stock Company Bangladesh’ »

RJSC Name Clearance Certificate

RJSC Name Clearance Certificate should collect from The Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is the Govt. authority for registration of joint Stock Company in Bangladesh. RJSC company registration first stage is received Company Name Clearance Certificate and prepared company’s Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association to submit these documents at RJSC office for receiving company Incorporation Certificate of Joint Stock Company Bangladesh. Continue reading ‘RJSC Name Clearance Certificate’ »

Jute Industries in Bangladesh

Jute is one of the major valuable natural resources and foreign currency earning sector of the country; also main raw materials of Jute Industries in Bangladesh and is truly ruled the world trendy fashion market. Jute, so-called golden fiber of Bangladesh, is used for clothing, rope, cordage and sacking and many more. Bangladeshi Jute products are available in neutral and golden colors and different shades of white. Jute is the most resourceful fibers nature and cheapest and most significant of all textile after cotton fiber, which has several uses. Continue reading ‘Jute Industries in Bangladesh’ »

Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

Garments Buying House in Bangladesh is an essential role of the garments business in country. Bangladesh is the Second Largest Ready Made Garments exporting country in the world however, most of the buyer coming from foreign country that’s why directly production monitoring, quality assurance, price competitiveness are not possible to handle for buyer. Garments Buying House plays the role for buyer of monitoring the garments quality, productivity, competitive cost, lead time of shipment and others by conducting a commission agent of buyers.  Most of the time foreign buyers do not want to contact directly with garment factories for order, they like Buying House to procure the garments products for them in manufacturing different garments factory in Bangladesh. Continue reading ‘Garments Buying House in Bangladesh’ »

Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh

Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh is a very much effective business of rural area. Cow fattening is an emerging business sector of income generation for the rural people and also goat, sheep & buffalo rearing are lucrative business into the country for huge demand of meat, however, cattle fettering project day by day increasing to meet local demands of meat consumption. Basically, organized cattle fettering project needs a large amount of money to invest this sector that’s why many entrepreneurs needed to establish Cattle Fattening Project or Cow fettering project for getting effective result of this business in Bangladesh. The cattle fettering farm is a part of livestock sector in Bangladesh. Continue reading ‘Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh’ »

Leather Industry of Bangladesh

The Leather Industry of Bangladesh is an established and attractive location to source and outsource the manufacture of finished leather products will be an ideal offshore location for low-cost and high-quality leather and leather products manufacturing hub in the world. Good quality domestic supply of raw materials, as by-products of large livestock industry, a large pool of low cost but trainable labor force together with tariff concession facility issued by entrepreneurs have created the right conditions for smooth development of the leather industry in Bangladesh. Continue reading ‘Leather Industry of Bangladesh’ »