Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh

Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh is a very much effective business of rural area. Cow fattening is an emerging business sector of income generation for the rural people and also goat, sheep & buffalo rearing are lucrative business into the country for huge demand of meat, however, cattle fettering project day by day increasing to meet local demands of meat consumption. Basically, organized cattle fettering project needs a large amount of money to invest this sector that’s why many entrepreneurs needed to establish Cattle Fattening Project or Cow fettering project for getting effective result of this business in Bangladesh. The cattle fettering farm is a part of livestock sector in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country for this reason most of the people eating beef and mutton, however, lack of production face huge shortage of  the demand of daily meat consumption. Local livestock sector is not enough sufficient production to supply of meat market, it’s partly depends on neighboring country of India. At recent days, India stops cow export to Bangladesh as a result meat price is increasing and out of reach general people buying capacity. So establish livestock sector as Cattle Fattening project, goat farm, sheep & buffalo rearing project for increasing meat supply into the market and decreasing price to consume more of meat loving people. According to Livestock Department, about 1.12 crore sacrificial animals are slaughtered during Eid-ul-Azha every year. The Eid-ul-Azha in 2016, the country estimated to slaughter 1.05 crore cattle, while the local stock was 1.03 crore.

According to The Telegraph report, its matter of regret in this largely populated country in the South Asian, Bangladesh has been identified as the least consumption of meat – about four kilograms of meat consumed by an average person over the year; A single US resident consumes about 120.2 kilograms of meat each year on average, according to the 2009 figures obtained from FAO, and Second in place is the Middle-East country of Kuwait. However, the most meat consuming countries people are suffering obesity for taking up of over protein. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is a modest 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The RDA is the amount of a nutrient essential for your basic nutritional requirements; that represent, it’s the minimum amount you need to keep from getting sick — it not necessarily like that you should take up this amount every day.

Being a Muslim country, people of Bangladesh are habituate to consume meat, however, inadequate supply not fulfill local demands so must be established Cattle Fattening project, goat farm, sheep & buffalo rearing project for increasing meat production and decreasing price to buy meat to eat daily life. The Cattle Fattening farm or Cow fettering project needs huge/ large capital for establishment cost due to more entrepreneurs investing their capital to set up this Livestock Industry in Bangladesh. Meat is one of the major protein contributing elements of our daily life. Cattle fattening project, goat farm, sheep & buffalo rearing project are the main source of raw materials of our Leather industry and Frozen food export of Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh Tanners Association, in fiscal years 2015-16 leather industry earns USD 1160.95 Million by exporting leather, leather goods and footwear market into the world.

How to set up Cattle Fattening Farm in Bangladesh

Being needed large capital to set up Cattle Fattening farm, some entrepreneurs operating the business establish a limited company from RJSC. The RJSC (Office of the Register of Joint Stock Companies and Farms) is only legal authority for Company Registration in Bangladesh. There some entrepreneurs jointly operate the business, must need the registration of Joint Stock Company Bangladesh; there also possible Partnership Farm Registration if entrepreneurs are two to twenty. The Cattle Fattening Farm is a sub-sector of Agro-based Industry and main raw materials (hide and Skin) source of Leather Industry. The processed meat, which is coming from Cattle Fattening Farm, one of the main elements of Agro Products and Foods Business in Bangladesh & Frozen food export of Bangladesh. Foreign investment is worm welcome in this Agro-based Industry and Agro processing industry; there acceptable to establish 100% expatriate owned company by forming the Foreign Company Registration at RJSC (treat as local company). Local and Foreign entrepreneurs both set up limited company which is formed by Joint Venture Company Registration in Bangladesh.

After finishing company registration, we collect Trade License and VAT Registration Certificate for commencing business into the country if we want to involve international trade must be needed the Export Registration Certificate and the Import Registration Certificate  for export & import business into the global market. We have huge opportunities to export meat to other countries; at present Bangle Meat is, it’s a local company, exporting meat to Meddle East and the EU countries, however, huge local demand cannot support to expand of foreign market.

Active entrepreneurs arrange invest on Cattle Fattening farm for development of livestock sector in Bangladesh. This sector enjoys special loan facilities, enjoys tax holidays to increases local production of meat to meet local and international demand. Bangladeshi, Black Bangle goat’s mutton is the best quality in the world. At present days, cow fattening project became a commercially attractive business. All over the country, many educated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs established cow fattening projects to enrich livestock sector of Bangladesh.


Author: Aman123