Forming an IT Business in Bangladesh

The Information and Technology (IT) sectors in Bangladesh is a lucrative business sector after readymade garments for foreign investors who are looking for investment opportunities in one of the most developing countries in the South Asia. The global IT business is always expanding and Bangladesh is climbing up with the latest trends in this particular field and offers its investors an up growing market for internet and IT services. Forming an IT Business in Bangladesh will be most profitable investment. If you want to setup an IT company in Bangladesh, our company formation agents can forward you through the most necessary steps.

The IT sectors in Bangladesh

The Information and Technology sector in Bangladesh is divided into two separate but closely related areas:

– Software; and

– IT services (implementation, call centre, integration, technical service, consultancy, outsourcing, etc.)

IT software solutions and Soft ware developed in the country are gaining more and more recognition to the globe. The telecommunications /mobile phone and banking sector in country is the largest purchaser of IT services and IT products in Bangladesh, and the public services sector also adapting to IT and soft ware systems. The transport sector and the banking and sectors in Bangladesh are also general purchasers of IT services and products. Bangladeshi sector’s main income sources are soft ware export, outsourcing and consultancy.

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Why invest in the Bangladeshi IT sectors

Bangladesh is becoming a low cost IT services provider in the world. Foreign entrepreneurs are playing a key role in the IT market and contribute  to the steady growth of this business field, however, Bangladesh has other advantages on it, such as cheap labour cost, tax free income, highly educated workforce developing in the IT sector. The employment rate of this sector is growing rapidly than other business sectors in Bangladesh.

The development of this IT sectors in Bangladesh is expanded by the worldwide innovations in the field and new business trends. A branch that is rapidly developing is the one concerning applications for mobile products. International Call Center is another branch of IT sector which expanding more and highly profitable in Bangladesh. Cloud computing is also becoming more famous and experts in the sector believed that this type of service will develop during the next days.

IT companies in Bangladesh, in general, specialize in many types of services. Entrepreneurs who want to invest in this sector may benefit from government grants for the creation of new jobs and for the costs for the new investment.

Author: Aman123