Share Transfer

Limited Company’s Share Transfer is a continuing process of Privet or Public Limited Company. If someone (who is Share holder of the company) wants to transfer his/her share to another person or not want to stay this company’s Share Holder or Director, he/she may leave share to another person. Basically company’s existing share holder purchase this particular share otherwise outside person may involve this company’s new share holder or director by purchasing transferring share. Joint Stock Company Registrar and Firms (RJSC) monitoring of this activities. Company’s Share Allotment  also doing at RJSC in Bangladesh. Some time Company’s directors want to add experienced or veteran person for increasing company’s business capacity for this reason adding new Share holder or Director of the Company. Generally Company including experienced business person for increasing company’s market and profit ratio into particular business in certain area or country. RJSC is the only authority for Company Registration, Share Transfer, Share Allotment, winding up and company related activities.

Essential documents need for company’s Share Transfer:

  1. Company’s board of director approving regulation to transfer company’s share.
  2. Indicate Number of share transfer of the Company.
  3. Have to sign Company form 117, share transferee and transferor.
  4. Have to pay share transfer fees of Govt. cost ( RJSC share transfer fees).
  5. Must be up date company’s all documents of
  6. Prepare some documents to transfer company’s share (which are needed).

Bangladesh is now boosting economical growth  country of south Asia region, at present IT (Information Technology)  is the most lucrative business for all, investor enjoy tax holiday facilities for developing the particular sector, international Call Center and others  IT related industry enjoying tax free income. Share Transfer is a very effective process for involving Vattern business person into the company to expand market of the company. Share Transfer and share allotment are ongoing  process of Limited Company however, company registration or company formation is the first step of setting up a limited company at RJSC in Bangladesh.

Reform Joint Venture  Company by transferring company’s share to foreign countries citizen or foreign limited company as company Director, Share Holder and Chairman at RJSC into Bangladesh. Now many entrepreneurs are setting up agro based industries in Bangladesh.

Author: Aman123