RJSC Name Clearance

Taking RJSC Name Clearance is the first step of a Company Registration in Bangladesh. RJSC (The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms) is the sole authority to issue Name Clearance Certificate of starting a Limited Company.

RJSC Name Clearance Criteria:

      01. Names seeming by somewhat same in listening to and looking at while pronunciation and writing respectively cannot be accepted.
      02. No name resembles that of any international company, institution or social or cultural organizations.
      03. No name resembles that of such business organization, social, cultural or sporting association established for a long time in our country.
      04. It cannot be named after another registered government organization.
      05. Any name comprised of nationally famous or renowned personality, prior permission of family members as well as government approval is mandatory.
      06. In case of any name about freedom fighter, permission of respective ministry is mandatory.
      07. No name resembles any government project or organization.
      08. No name resembles existing political party or political slogan or agenda.
      09. No name comprises of unmannerly, abusive language or mockery words.
      10. No name eliminating class, religion or social conflict.
      11. If any established (at least 10 years) social organization wants to register after its fundamental name, personal application is essential along with resolution of organizational committee.
      12. Prior approval of ministry is mandatory for registering any social, cultural, or sporting organization as company.
      13. If one of stated company conditions is violated, RJSC authority can make decision of changing accepted name and objection name has to be replaced by registration number when name is not changed in stipulated time.
    14. Only name clearance is not considered all for company registration at RJSC.

First of all you select a suitable name of your company then submit to RJSC and pay 600 (Six Hundred) taka to schedule authorized bank of company’s name clearance cost. After getting Name Clearance Certificate from RJSC, we prepare Memorandum of Association & Article of Association of the company. All kinds of commerce and business activities mentioned into Memorandum of Association and distributed number of shares of every Director, Chairman and Shareholders of the company.
In general, Article of Association is written down legal and administrative works of the company, as like borrowing powers, power of chairman, managing director, director and share holders, company reserve fund, general meeting call procedure, Bank account, quorum of Board meeting, vote of member’s, Director qualifying share, quorum of board meetings, number of share of directors and share holder’s, return filling, annul audit and many more company operating activities which followed by Company Act 1994.

Author: Aman123