Most Developed Industries in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, located in south Asia, is one of the most important economies in the Asian country. The Bangladesh economy has been performing well over the couple of decades, annual economic growth increasing dramatically in every year. The most developed industries in Bangladesh are Sea Foods, Handicrafts, IT Sector, Readymade Garments, Manufacturing and other sectors. A foreign entrepreneur like Bangladesh because of it offers different business opportunities and attractive business arena; IT sector is enjoying tax free income.

Most of the  people of Bangladesh working with agriculture for producing crops, vegetable, fruits as like rice, white, jute, potato etc. There are huge possibilities of cultivation for fertile soil, cheap labor cost, essay irrigation, sunny weather. Now Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice and second largest jute producing country in the world.

Entrepreneurs can want to open a company in Bangladesh and consider investing in other business sectors, our stuff of company formation/ company registration experts can provide you information about business such as, Sea foods, Frozen food, Agro based industries, pharmaceuticals and IT Sector and the readymade garments sector in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh grows various seasonal and tropical fruits, such as, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, lichi which are accessible of our demand though there haven’t sufficient processing plant for making juice, brad or other by products or preservation of consuming whole year. At present Bangladesh exports potato EU and other countries. Norway now establishes Joint Venture Company of potato processing plant to export potato biased products from Bangladesh.

Now Bangladesh readymade garments sector is one of the most attractive business sectors into manufacturing industries and a major contributor of developing the country’s economy. Bangladeshi manufactures of Sea foods and Frozen foods, Vegetables, Agro foods, Jute products, potato, Lather goods and raw hides are the main items of exporting products of the country. The cheap and veteran labour is one of the greatest advantages of setting up manufacturing plant and attracting foreign investor to invest on lucrative business in Bangladesh.

The Shrimp & Seafood has a great potential for development of Bangladesh and it contributes approximately 4.25% to the GDP.  This sector is the 2nd largest export earning and offering employment opportunities. The Shrimp & Seafood’s export earnings in 2010-2011recorded USD 624.04 million. Bangladesh is a leading Sea food exporter in the EU, USA & Middle East and for this purpose, food manufacturers in Bangladesh have to comply with many international and European rules and regulations for the production of the foods.

Foreign investors can run a business with Bangladeshi or 100% foreign owned company to make power plant because huge shortage of electricity in Bangladesh. And readymade garment sector is another lucrative business for foreign investor to invest here. Bangladesh is the 2nd biggest knit garments exporting country in the world. Basically, foreign investors want to establish large business by forming of Joint Venture Company and Foreign Company (100% share owned by foreigner) that are locally registered at RJSC in Bangladesh.

Recently, leather product is another booming business sector of the country. Local and foreign entrepreneurs can invest on the business of lather industries for abundance supply of quality full raw hide. Bangladesh is the 10th largest raw hide producing country into the world and also exporting raw & finished lather/ hide into the global market. Lather based cottage industries and handicraft is developing a profitable business products which establishing into the rural area and exporting to the world. Generally, large business needs more money and more investor for operating the business that’s why setting up a limited company. 

We can also help you to collect VAT Registration Certificate, Trade License, Import Registration Certificate, Export Registration Certificate and arrange the necessary documents. RJSC is an only legal authority for Company Registration in Bangladesh.  The RJSC (The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms) operates company related works such as Company formation, Company Incorporation, Share Transfer, Company’s certified copy issues, Partnership farm registration, Share Allotment, company return submission and so on.

Shrimp & sea food is another profitable commercial sector into Bangladesh, plenty of resources existing here to establish fishing company to export abroad, Bangladeshi shrimp & lobster’s demand is very much high in EU and USA market.

Author: Aman123